R. D. Burman - Shalimar - Review
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A both fascinating and unbearable album. It even starts in a rather irritating form. That blend of Western sounds (pop, funk, jazz, spy-film music…) and Hindu-rooted music with some Hispanic and frontier touches is really weird. A kind of Ennio Morricone meets Monty Norman in Jaipur. It seems clear this baroque-style could only be found in this vast country. I'm not meaning this is the best introduction in the pure sonorities of the Indian subcontinent, no way. This is ready-cooked meal for the regular delicate ear of any Westerner. Very well-cooked, maybe too much.

There are mainly two tracks that push me to investigate about the film. Well, the album doesn't benefit itself from being detached off the images. Too much for imagination. And those two pieces are the captivating "Aaina Wohi Rehta Hai" and "Mera Pyar Shalimar". Spices from beyond gripping us inexorably to Kumar and Sheila's story. A rather well-worn plot with a private island, a police pursuit, a supplanting with disguise and a theft of gem of incalculable worth. Weak, fantastic and excessive. Some might call it incontinence and some others richness. Pure Bollywood. With all the implications.

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